GIPOA annual meeting June 2011

Guemes Island Property Owners Association Annual Meeting

June 11, 2011

The call to order was made at 7:10 pm by Bob Groeshell, President. Introductions were made of attending board members. Present were Howard Pellett, Carol Pellett, Roz Glasser, Leota Price, and Rob Schroeder. 15 members of Guemes Island were present.

The minutes of the June 2009 meeting were read by Leota Price and approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was read by Carol Pellett. The checking account has a balance of $1,938.83. The Betty Crookes’ Guemes Gold Scholarship Account has a balance of $3,355.30. Ann Passarelli asks how the scholarship runs. Carol reports we are holder of the funds from that committee. She had recently attended a scholarship meeting and briefly reported on that.

Bob Groschell gave a brief rundown of our committee contributions this past year.

1. Guemes Guide revision

2. Safety upgrades led by Rob Schroeder. Cumulative effect of our fireworks signs is good.

3. Progress made on speed control. Speed buttons will be placed as the weather warms.

4. Speed signs have been placed by the county.

5. The plant sale again this year with funds rose of $640.00.

6. Movie of “March Point” shown and now available in the library

7. Ongoing monitoring of South Shore Road. Rob continues to monitor.

8. A thank you to Howard Pellett for stepping up to fill a board vacancy and to Carol Pellett for stepping in leading board meetings when the President was unavailable.

Bob Anderson asks if solar powered indicator of speed would be a possibility. An attempt has been made prior by the South Shore Road Committee. They are expensive. The likelihood of Guemes being given or loaned one is slim. Bob wonders about the possibility of challenging a student to develop one.

Connie Snell feels the various island committees to work more closely together and collaborate.

Bob Anderson speaks to a committee to urge county on improvements to waiting room in the terminal also to clean up the parking lot on Guemes Island.

Bob Groeschell reports the membership applications/renewals were sent recently as well as the ballots for open board positions. In coming board members as follows,

Howard Pellett President, Carol Pellett Treasurer, Shelby Platt Off Island Trustee

Connie Snell On Island Trustee, Bob Groeshell Off Island Trustee, Sally Stapp On Island Trustee.

The Citizen of the Year award goes to Juby Fouts. She is very active in the Guemes Connects program, She is an active member of the Guemes Fire Department, acting as their business director, and is an active member on GIPOA. In Julys’ absence Edith Waldon accepts the Certificate of Achievement and a $50.00 check to be made to charity of Jubys choice. Edith states that Jubys commitment to our Island continues and gives Jubys thanks to GIPOA.

Evelyn Adams, founder of Skagit Beat the Heat and currently with Transition Fidalgo and Friends spoke about the goals of Transition Fidalgo and Friends and some of their current activities. In response to the challenges and opportunities of economic instability, oil scarcity and climate change, we aim to build a resilient community by growing more of our own food, re-learning basic skill, shifting to sustainable modes of transportation, installing renewable energy sources and localizing economies. Evelyn answered questions from the audience.

Meeting ended at 8:45 pm

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