GIPOA Board Meeting June 8, 2013

Guemes Island Property Owners Association Board Minutes June 8, 2013


The bimonthly meeting of GIPOA was called to order at 9:35 am by President, Howard Pellett.

Present:  Howard Pellett, Connie Snell, Susan Rombeek, Carol Pellett, Juby Fouts, Roz Glasser and Kevin Green.

Absent:  Bob Groeschell, Bob Stickrod and Leota Price.


The minutes of April 13, 2013 were approved as written.


The Treasurer’s report shows a balance of $2,043.65.  The Guemes Gold Scholarship savings account has a balance of $2,938.25.  Carol reported the GIPOA annual mailing this year was sent to the County’s list of all property owners.  So far, we have eleven new members.  Thus far $750 has been received for the Guemes Gold.  Howard reminded everyone, GIPOA is only the holders of the Guemes Gold money, but does offer everyone  the opportunity to contribute with our annual meeting notice.  Carol further reported it has been one year since we contributed money to the Community Center.  It was moved, seconded and approved to contribute $300 to the Community Center.  There was a concensus that GIPOA not donate to GIVE at this time, but wait till they tell us there is a need.


In Leota’s absence Carol reported Leota’s frustration with Linetime.  Notice of our annual meeting was on Linetime on the opening page.  It disappeared.  Leota had been unable to get it back.  Generally posting on the calendar, puts it on the opening page.  It’s still on the calendar 3 times, but still doesn’t appear on the opening page.


Howard reported on the Casperson Point name change.  It has been approved by the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names.  The next step is on to the Washington State Board on Geographic Names with the Committee’s recommendation of approval.  Next would be Federal approval which would include the updating of the navigational charts.  Not expecting a problem and unknown what the timeline will be.


Howard briefly discussed tonight’s meeting agenda.  We will have a short business meeting and the presentations, followed by the speaker, Marshall Goldberg.  Marshall will speak on religious affiliations with secular Skagit County hospitals.  Marshall is a retired OB/GYN physician and is active in Citizens For Healthcare Freedom.  Howard further reported his attempt getting someone from Island Hospital to come and give a presentation on where they are in the process of potential affiliation.  He reported them saying they were unable to find a knowledgeable person to present at the meeting.


Juby advised the board of 60 acres owned by Sal Werner, possibly becoming available to the community.  Apparently a committee and Sal will be discussing possibilities.  Sal’s wishes at this point are unknown.  The property included the Section Avenue property that Thelma Palmer had been living on.


Connie said one of the best things GIPOA did this past year was the cutting of brush at the corner of South Shore Road.  The road all winter was much safer for everyone.  She did advise that as spring and summer are here, the brush is again high and starting to obstruct the view around the corner.  The consensus was to contact Drew for removal again.  Brush isn’t as thick this time.  Connie will contact him.


Meeting adjourned at 10:35 am.


Next meeting is August 10 at 9:30 am in the Library.



Submitted by,

Carol Pellett in Leota’s absence.

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