GIPOA Annual Meeting minutes June 13, 2015

Guemes Island Property Owners Association

General Membership Meeting

June 13, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm by President Howard Pellett.  Present were 16 members in addition to Carol Pellett, Treasurer, Juby Fouts, Edie Clark, Susan Rombeek, On island trustees, Bob Groschell and Bob Stickrod, Off Island trustees.  Absent were trustees, Marla Hovey, Kevin Green and Leota Price, Secretary.


The minutes from the June 14, 2014 annual meeting were read by Carol Pellett and approved as written. 


The Treasurers report was given by Carol Pellett.  Checking account balance is $ 1,998.11.  The Guemes Gold Scholarship Savings account balance is $2,394.64.   Report was approved as corrected with the area cleared being the S curves, not the Chicken foot corner.  Howard recapped things GIPOA has done during the past year, as there had been questions about “what does the Property Owners Association do?”.   Some of the things the organization has done, is clean the waiting room on the Guemes side ferry dock, design and post new “no fireworks” signs, porta pottee at the parking lot, moved, turned around away from door opening on the street, bump strips in the roadway to slow those rushing to the ferry, Casperson Point plaque, trimmed S curves of brush to increase visibility, contribute to the cost of the flowers in the pots at the ferry on the Guemes side and maintain the money for the Betty Crookes Guemes Gold Scholarship.  The association continues to produce the Guemes Guide each year for newcomers as well as current residents.


Howard read the election results:

Howard Pellett – President

Carol Pellett – Treasurer

Juby Fouts – On-Island Trustee

Bob Stickrod – Off-Island Trustee


The Citizen of the Year award goes to Julie Pingree.  She is Past Moderator and present Worship Chair for the Guemes Island Community Church, has functioned as the chair of the church council, meeting scheduler and chief lay officer of the church.  Julie is also past president of the Community Center Association, present Community Center Association secretary and all around go to person wherever she is.  Howard presented her with a certificate, a letter of her accomplishments and asked what organization she would like a $50 donation to be made in her name.  She advised she would like the money to go to the Community Center Association.


Bob Groeschell presented copies of the final report of the AIS Sustainable Design Assessment.  Copies available to anyone who wanted to read the entire report.  It is broken down into WATER, which stands for W – wildlife, shorelines and ocean spaces.  A – Aquifer, water availability and quality.  T – Transportation, ferry.  E – Energy.  R – Rural Community Character.  Allen Bush discussed the updating of the comprehensive plan that the County is the process of implementing.  He spoke of the Master Plan, Seawater Intrusion Policy and asked what our concerns were and if we had some things to discuss to come to the GIPAC meetings that are the first Monday of every month at the church.  


Gail updated everyone on CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and what the projects are.  Radios are being replaced with better ones, antenna, etc.  She alerted us that CERT doesn’t have any money.  She further explained what foods are on hand and what the plan is for storage.  At this time, most of the items are stored in the church where they have given CERT a large storage closet.  The intent is to store some of the dry food in metal cans under the hall.


Bob Groeschell moved and it was seconded and approved to donate $200 to CERT.


Septic inspections were discussed and when they need to be done.  Classes are available to learn how to inspect your own septic system.


Bob Anderson suggested a fund be established for community projects.


Al Bush spoke of the fireworks on the 4th of July and how it bothers his cattle.  Wondered what could be done.  It was briefly discussed with suggestions of talking with neighbors, posting signs etc.


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Carol Pellett, acting secretary

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