GIPOA Annual Mtg. June 8, 2013

Guemes Island Property Owners (GIPOA) Annual Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2013


The annual GIPOA meeting was called to order by President Howard Pellett at 7:10 pm.  Board members present were Bob Stickrod, Connie Snell, Roz Glasser, Howard Pellett, Juby Fouts, Susan Rombeek and Carol Pellett.  Absent were Kevin Green, Bob Groeschell, and Leota Price.  Approximately 35 members of Guemes Island were in attendance.


The minutes of June 9, 2012 were read by Carol Pellett in Leota’s absence and approved as written.


The Treasurer’s report was presented by Carol Pellett.  The checking account balance is  $2,043.65.  GIPOA had income of $1,352.51 during the past 12 months and expenses of $1,162.00.  The Guemes Gold Scholarship savings account, which we maintain for the Guemes Gold Committee, has a balance of $2,938.25.  The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.


Howard reviewed the projects and activities GIPOA has undertaken during the past year.  GIPOA sponsored and assisted in going forth to request the name change of SouthEast Point to Casperson Point.  Besides signature gathering, this included presentations twice in Olympia where the change was approved by the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names and with that committee’s recommendation will proceed to the Washington State Board on Geographic Names.  If approved, the name change request would go to Federal approval which would include the updating of the navigational charts. 


Howard also described another project involving the cutting and removal of the shrubbery and tall grass obstructing the view of drivers at South Shore Road as the road makes a left hand or right hand turn.  GIPOA has also undertaken to cut growth again this year as it is a safety issue.  Another project completed was the replacement window at the Guemes ferry landing.  This extremely scratched window was replaced with tempered glass and gives good visibility which was also a safety issue.  Again GIPOA has printed an updated Guemes Guide for anyone, but especially helpful for new residents.  Howard noted that Leota and Carol had done the hard work of updating the Guide.


Howard read the election results.  Officers for next year are Howard Pellett, President; Carol Pellett, treasurer; Marla Hovey, on-island trustee and Bob Groeschell, off-island trustee. 


Howard presented the Citizen of the Year award to Edith Walden who was elected by the membership as Citizen of the Year.  Edith was presented with a certificate and a check for $50 to the charity of her choice.  Edith was recognized for her work as editor and lead writer for the Guemes Tide, for organizing the “Bring the Island 2 Justin” honoring Justin James and numerous other community services.


Howard introduced the speaker Marshall Goldberg, a retired OB/GYN physician and board member of People for Health Care Freedom to present on the pending affiliation of the two remaining secular hospitals in Skagit County with a major health care institution.  Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 remaining health care institutions candidates for affiliation are Catholic or contemplating affiliating with Catholic health care institutions.  This presents constitutional and legal hazards due to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services which prohibit reproductive services such as contraception, fertility treatment, abortion and any adherence to the Death With Dignity Act voted into law by Washington State voters and the rights of LGBT folks. 


Marshall advised us to read the Directives to become aware of the details of the restrictions should Island Hospital or Skagit Regional Health Services become affiliated with a Catholic health care institution.  Further information is available from sources such as People for Health Care Freedom‎, Catholic Watch‎ and Merger Watch‎.  Marshall also opined that residents of Skagit County need to let their hospital commissioners know their opinion on possible mergers with Catholic health care institutions.


The meeting adjourned following an extensive question and answer session fielded by Marshall.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.


Submitted by

Carol Pellett

In Leota’s absence

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