GIPOA Board Mtg. Feb. 13, 2016 minutes


The bimonthly Board meeting is brought to order at 9:30 am by President Howard Pellett. Present are Jubi Fouts, Bob Groeschell, Bob Stickrod, Carol Pellett, Leota Price, and Edie Clark. 


Minutes were approved as written. Carol presented the Treasurers report with $1,711.46 in our account as of January 23, 2016. The Scholarship balance is $4651.18 as of November 24, 2015. The report was approved. 

Howard presented an update on the emergency ordinance of Chelan County. Due to the recent wet weather in our area he suggests we sit on any activity until a drought year.

Edie Clark reports that the Co Op has a Azure Catalog in the Library that can be ordered from. This continues to be a small movement but due to word of mouth there has been more ordering. The minimum order of $50.00. Anacortes also has Co Op talk going. 

The water coordination status report from Bob Groeschell. GPAC has picked up the initiative and are planning a tour of H2O collection systems. Bob suggests we offer GPAC support if we’re interested and to call Nancy Fox. Howard suggests for sub area plan ordinances 1. development standards, 2. salt water intrusion issue. There are County hearings in April. Of note Nancy Fox does excellent job with these issues. GIPOA supports the issue. Edie states that Lifetime has a sign up for different committee interests. 

The Road Liaison is not present to give report. 

The church solar project according to Howard is close to going through. The Church continues to need to raise a few hundred dollars prior to starting the project. 

The Living Democracy issue report is presented by Jubi and Howard. 2000 community signatures were presented to the County Commissioners. They won’t speak to us as a group and only allowed 5 minute limit to speak at the meeting. A four page letter was received from the Board of Regents but they didn’t address the issues we have. Basically the County is not interested because they can’t enforce it. Overall it doesn’t look good for a resolution. Carol suggests possibly going to the newspaper. 

GIPOA agrees to take on the Guemes Island phone book in addition to continue doing the Guemes Guide. Some discussion re publishing together  but no decision made. Leota bought up that the Lifetime site is still showing the phone book from 2007 and that needs changed. Judi says Deb Bear knows how to update but she’s currently on vacation. I will check with her on her return. 

The report on climate changes survey. Kevin Green has the report and hopefully will report on next meeting. 

New Business

A consulting contract  with Art Anderson has been made for him to come up with a recommendation for a new ferry. We’ll continue to follow. 

Our open yearly meeting with the community is in June and we discussed meeting presentation topics. We will present our 4th of July posters and have them for people to take and put up prior to the 4th. Possibly Gerry Francis, the Chief of the Fire Department will speak about the concerns we’re trying to avoid. Judi will talk to him. 

Also talked about what board positions will be open in June. Susan Rombeek will run again for Vice President, Leota Price agrees to run again for secretary. We still need on Island Trustee, and off island trustee. 


For citizen of the year 2 names were offered.