GIPOA Board Meeting 8/12/17

Guemes Island Property Owners Association board Meeting 

August 12, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am in the Library by Howard Pellett President. Present are Bob Stickrod, Julie Pingree, Susan Rombeek, Carol Pellett, Juby Fouts, Leota Price and Mike Brown.


The minutes of June 10 meeting were approved with the following changes: Julie Pingree’s name was left off the members attending the meeting, and the Deputy’s name was Tobin Meyer. Corrections will be made. 


The treasurers report by Carol shows our balance of $2526.78. The Guemes Gold Scholarship fund has a balance of $6329.01. Carol also states that the telephone book sales started briskly but has slowed some. Of the $1200.00 the printing cost we are still short of recouping our money by $300.00. She also reports that a number of people that responded in June with their GIPOA membership also included donations to the Gold Scholarship fund. 


Old Business

Howard reports on the Guemes Fire Department signs they put up for the July fourth. We all felt the signs were well done. Howard did go to the last Fire Department Meeting and thanked them for a job well done. Howard feels that with the FD signs and the ones we have purchased and displayed around the Island that people are responding somewhat. He feels that we need to purchase more for next year. The general discussion following shows that those present are agreeable. It cost $650.00 the last order.  Julie, Howard, and Juby passed out the flier to those in the ferry line. Julie reports only 1 person objected.


At the Annual  meeting the two deputies spoke of having information on how to set up block watches. If a neighborhood desires to do this they are encouraged to call the Deputies. Leota and Bob spoke up that in their neighborhood  that they regularly keep an eye out for the others property and do notify their neighbors if they leave for a time. In effect already having a block watch. 


Bob Stickrod gave an update on the Ferry parking lot. No new progress on this but he has seen surveyors there and  people taking pictures. He will contact again if required but felt they had been committed to make changes. 


The chicken foot intersection has been trimmed back by Drew reported by Julie. Drew has not been reimbursed yet, but Leota will follow up.


Howard discussed a possibility of setting up a GIPOA web site. Mike Brown has extensive expertise and would help that to happen. Initial cost is $12.00. The site name of GIPOA is available. It could contain our Bylaws, name and phone numbers of board members and have a listing of completed projects. It also could be accessed from the current Linetime site. 

Leota will write up a listing of projects with description. 


New Business

Carol Pellett is accepting reservations for tables for the Fall Festival. Vendors are needed. The hours will be 9am to 2 pm on Saturday September 2. She requested someone to man the phone book table..Leota agrees to do that.  We also need volunteers to set up on Friday evening.  Julie reports hot dogs will again be sold. Juby will contact the Herald and the Anacortes American of the event. Susan is in charge of the baked goods table and is requesting donations of baked goodies. 


Juby Fouts brings to the table of the Skagit County meeting on August 29th. The ferry committee is seeking input from Guemes Islanders. They are currently exploring a electricity  powered ferry. A mailer has been mailed out, and our Guemes Island Ferry Committee encourages all to attend the meeting on August 29 th of get information and give feedback, and get a clear idea of what we can do.  Handouts will be handed out to ferry lines with Howard, Juby, Susan and Julie volunteering. An idea also was to print out “bookmarks” that can be handed out to save that date. 


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00. Our next meeting is October 12, 2017 at the Library. 


Leota Price, Secretary






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